How many products are really Made in America?

A lot of us say that we 'like to buy American-Made products when possible'

- but the truth is that they are few and far between and never all in one place. On the rare occasion that we turn over a label and find 'Made in the USA' it's like "WOW I can't believe it!". Pretty Pushers has just jumped on board with Made In America Co. - a community and marketplace of brands and companies that all have the same mission - to support American mills, factories, real estate, and jobs. We are psyched to be on the 'Made in America' list with so many other great manufacturers. So next time you shop, take a look there and let them know what you think! From Bags to Boots to Bedding to Whiskey....these companies are working hard to keep it at home.

Pretty Pushers sponsors Made in America Co

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