Hospital permission for the use of Labor Gowns

It's still the most common question we get:  "Will I be allowed to wear my Pretty Pushers gown at the hospital for birth?"

The truth is, we can't control your hospital's guidelines.  What we CAN say is that since we started making labor gowns over 10 years ago, hospitals have progressed a lot and many of them are open to patients bringing their own garments to wear during their stay.  In fact, many hospitals, OBs, and L&D nurses will encourage a mom to wear something comfortable during labor since they are aware of the discomfort of the unisex hospital gown.  

"Ten years ago, we would have moms report back that due to a C-section - emergency or planned - they were not allowed to use their gown during birth.  Now, we hear so many customers say that they ARE able to keep their Pretty Pushers gown on throughout their entire C-section."  Says Pretty Pushers CEO Mary Apple.

The hospitals are trying to encourage a comfortable mom, so that her experience in their facility as a patient is as good as possible.  Good memories of her stay and the care she received will keep her coming back with her family in the future.

Pretty Pushers labor gown for a c Section

In summary, our advice is that your hospital will be more likely than not to allow you to wear your own labor gown during birth.  If you are unsure, ask your OB and ask your hospital during the L&D ward tour about wearing your own gown.  Remember that if they do NOT allow you to wear your own garment, there may be other things they do not allow, so you should inquire about all the things on your birth plan.  You want to choose a provider that respects and honors your birth wishes to the best of their ability.


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