Aseky Bonnaire knows what to pack in her Hospital Bag

Aseky Bonnaire has given birth 3 times already.

We can trust that she knows what she needs for Baby #4!  Along with the Unbleached Cream labor gown by Pretty Pushers, she has a goodie bag full of necessities for her hospital birth.

Hospital Bag including Pretty Pushers

Aseky Bonnaire hospital bag

In this gorgeous Lily Jade bag, she's got everything for mom:

-printed prenatal visit records



-nursing bra

-period underwear (we recommend the Postpartum Underwear by Pretty Pushers


-cell phone charger

-Nursing Pads

-Nursing Cover by Covered Goods for when guests arrive

-Going Home outfit (sorry, but it should probably still be from your maternity closet - don't expect a flat belly yet:)

Check out her blog post for when to pack and what to pack for baby!


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