A Birth Story

Induced, but Unmedicated

Birth story:
I was induced at 39w1d due to a history of precipitous labor, large baby and pph.
I really did not want to be induced, but it was necessary and medically responsible.
I got quite a few side eyes from the nurses when I walked in and proudly read off my birth plan: an induction without pain management. I knew how intense the contractions would be with an induction, as I was induced with Kyliana. Despite their initial judgements and probably laughing to themselves, they were incredibly supportive in my decision.
The pitocin began at 830am, was turned off to allow me to labor on my own around noon, and then was turned back on at half dose from earlier around 6pm. Decker was born at 9:58pm.
I utilized alternative methods of pain management: squats, lunges, hip circles on ball, ice packs for my back, and walking around the room. I also had the huge support of my husband, who was my biggest cheerleader! He also helped me by applying counter pressure to my back and encouraged me to stay focused on my visualization. My saving grace was hypnobirthing and visualization recordings I downloaded to my phone. I was able to effectively control my breathing and redirect my attention away from the contractions. My focus word was "intense." I did not want to say "pain" or "hurt." Intense was a good word for me because it explained my situation, yet was not psychologically discouraging like pain or hurt. For me, "intense" is doable. To me, it means I'm being challenged but I can do it.
Choosing to forgo the epidural worked for me. I was able to feel my muscles and use them effectively while pushing. I was able to work with my body and control my delivery. Staying active during my pregnancy gave me the strength both mentally and physically that I needed to attain my goal of an unmedicated birth.
I'd actually do it all again, in a heart beat. Yes, I'm crazy. 😆👍💪
My labor gown is by Pretty Pushers @prettypushers and I've worn this gown for all 3 of my deliveries ('12, '14, '16) . I highly recommend it and I wouldn't labor without it. •
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