Retailer Spotlight - Brazen Lingerie

Build yourself a niche, and they will come.  This advice is exemplified by Brazen Lingerie, a smaller-than-an-A-cup lingerie store nestled in New York's Inwood neighborhood.  Owner Anina Young has curated the perfect juxtaposition of lace bras and pumping bandeaus, and corsets complimenting nursing bras. 


Brazen Lingerie caters to a woman through her phases of single and sexy to pregnant to birthing to nursing  and perhaps back again.  But don't be fooled by the frills -

"The majority of our clientele are nursing moms", says the shop associate.  Next to their selection of Pretty Pushers labor gowns are pumps by Ameda, Dr. Browns Gia nursing pillows, Udder Covers and nursing bras by La Leche League and Melinda G.  All of this is and more is available at, or if you feel inclined to take a ride uptown, stop by:

Brazen Lingerie

5000 Broadway

New York, NY 10034



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