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She made it hers BEFORE she got to the hospital

When a Pretty Pushers customer tells us that she wore her delivery gown around the house for weeks leading up to labor and then found that gown to be a source of comfort during birth, we want to shout it out!  

This woman took our labor gown and made it hers to bring a sense of comfort to her birth.

The difference a contraction can make

The stages of labor - captured on camera by birth photographer Little Leapling Photography out of Manhattan, KS.  This mama is wearing a Pretty Pushers labor gown - allowing her to be mobile and confident during labor.

Pretty Pushers labor gowns provide mobility during labor and delivery

birth photography by Little Leaplings

Doulas are not just for home birth

The word Doula creates many conceptions - Home Birth, Natural Birth, Hippie...

But in fact Doula is a term for:

'a woman who is trained to provide support to women and their families during pregnancy, childbirth, and the period of time following the birth'

So in fact, a doula may be used in any way a pregnant woman chooses.  In this case, Read the article →

Skin to Skin and Epidural Access

"To me it was worth every penny, it was very comfortable." - Pretty Pushers Amazon customer

Skin to Skin Access