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"I wish I had it for my other 3 births, as well..."

Even with birth #4, this mom knew she had to find something better than the hospital gown.

Birth of baby #4 in a Pretty Pusher

Henna Belly Art

Besides the fantastic access for Fetal Monitors, your Henna belly art will also have a window to the world!

We love this mom's review of her pretty pusher and why it was such an important purchase for her birth bag.

Henna belly art in a pretty pusher

A Pretty Pusher as a birth keepsake

Pretty Pushers labor and delivery gowns are 100% cotton and made with an end goal in mind...birth.   After birth, you may find that your gown is soaked, or it could be like new.  Should you not want to add it to the laundry pile, we have engineered it responsibly with only 2 seams and no hems, synthetics, or trims.  You can throw it out like a rag that served you very well.  OR, like this customer, wash it and save for a keepsake or re-wear it for nursing at home!