Pretty Pushers Testimonials — Patient Gown

Birthing Gowns review from a Pretty Pushers customer

"Made me feel like a mom in labor vs a hospital patient with an illness"

birthing gown vs patient gown

Baby's first Photo

How Birth Feels

Not that we should necessarily be concerned with how we 'look' in the first photo we take with our new baby...but in years to come...people will look at that photo and know how we felt.  Will we remember how we felt?  Of course!  Were we one of the hospital's ill patients?  NO?  Well why would we wear their unisex patient gowns that sick people wear, then?  If we felt the strength, femininity, and confidence that we approached labor with, well by all means, lets show it afterwards!  #ownyourlabor #prettypushers #ididitmyway

Natural Hospital Birth

The first step to not feel like a patient is to get out of the Patient Gown.

Making the Anesthesiologist's job easier

Worried about epidural access?  The Pretty Pushers labor gown has openings where you need them, while covering you in the right places too!