Pretty Pushers Testimonials — midwife

Great for C-section recovery!

"Cute, Comfy, Easy for the breastpump and a must for a C-section"

Easy for pumping and great for Csection recovery

Pretty Pushers labor gown Review

Awesome Pretty Pushers customer Review:  

Gabrielle's Favorite Things

May 13 at 7:15pm

A supportive birth partner and a comfy labor gown....

...2 steps to a better birth

A supportive Birth Partner and a Comfy Labor gown

Birthing Gowns review from a Pretty Pushers customer

"Made me feel like a mom in labor vs a hospital patient with an illness"

birthing gown vs patient gown

Transition Gown in action

Why read other people's birth stories?  Because you have to expect the unexpected at birth.  Imagine yourself in someone else's story - and then prepare!

See Kaeli's birth story.

The Pretty Pushers Transition Gown in action on The Mama Journey


Transition Gown in a hospital birth