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You can welcome comfort after a Csection

This mom of newborn twins finds comfort in her pretty pusher after a Csection for incision checks and breastfeeding.

adorable post Csection moment in a pretty pusher

One last thing for the Hospital Bag...

Don't forget about what you'll wear during labor and birth. 

It can make the difference in your ability to be mobile during contractions, in your choice to be covered or naked, and your ability to breastfeed or have skin to skin access after birth.  Yes, what you wear does matter.

most important item in your hospital bag for birth

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Pretty Pushers Ice Blue labor gown

A Sense of Modesty

Even the L&D Nurses think so!

Pretty Pushers customer review

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Women reflect on their own birth and how important it was to bring their own labor gown, rather than feeling diminished in the hospital gown.