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Before and after Childbirth

There is no bigger life change than being in labor one moment, to giving birth the next moment. 

A new baby, a new life to add to your own - the wonderment never gets old!  We are so lucky to have moms share like this - giving us a peek into those moments before and after.  And this mom owns it in her hot pink Pretty Pushers delivery gown.

labor and delivery in a pink pretty pusher

Pretty Pusher after childbirth

Henna Belly Art

Besides the fantastic access for Fetal Monitors, your Henna belly art will also have a window to the world!

We love this mom's review of her pretty pusher and why it was such an important purchase for her birth bag.

Henna belly art in a pretty pusher

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We are inspired by the excitement on the faces of these expecting moms!  

Birth preparedness all over the place on the Pretty Pushers Instagram page!  



Pretty Pushers Ice Blue labor gown

Own Your Labor

"Owned my labor on Sunday (for the second time) in my Pretty Pusher! The hospital staff loved it and couldn't get over how awesome and functional it was. They even had me write down where I got it so they could pass it along."
What to wear during birth has the power to affect your overall experience

3-time pretty pusher

This customer has chosen a Pretty Pushers delivery gown for each of her 3 birth plans!


3-time pretty pusher