April 22, 2013


Hospital gowns are for patients.  Pretty Pushers labor and delivery gowns are for women giving birth.  Own Your Labor!

Real Life Moms Wear Pretty Pushers

Every woman giving birth is powerful. This week we found out that one of our gowns made it onto Kim Zolciak of the Bravo network wore a Pretty Pushers for her last baby. wow! She looked beautiful, and to us, more importantly, she looked comfortable. Dear Kim, we send our best for the good health of your family and all families welcoming little beings into the world!

When a woman with the following of Kim wears your product--it makes you feel really lucky. We want women to have a beautiful birth in a clean, 100% cotton product. We keep the costs down and we make it here in America. Local jobs are definitely created when you wear our gowns, too. So, we hope lots of women will get to deliver pretty and into a prettier world but strengthening the local economy.

Who else is wearing our gown? Take a look at our Facebook to find out. Moms are posting to our page all the time. Share your pictures, tell us your story on what and who helped you #ownyourlabor. 

For the rest of this evening, Free shipping and 20% off everything on the website! at 12midnight EST the free shipping remains but the 20% discount code goes away. Mother's day is coming, and so are the summer baby showers, buy now and save on gift giving! 

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