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What did the L&D Nurses and the OB say?

More Pretty Pushers reviews from hospital staff!  And praise from a mom of 3 and a third-time Pretty Pusher!

Mom of 3 wears her delivery gown from Pretty Pushers again

Pretty Pushers cosmos labor gown

'I Declare an Easy, Breezy Delivery..."

"....with the help of my favorite labor and delivery gown brand."

Well thank you, @MzFancyPantz!

Accommodating modern medical interventions like Fetal Monitors and IVs without sacrificing Comfort and Dignity - that's the mission of Pretty Pushers.  We want to work with birth, not against it.  

Birth Affirmation that includes Pretty Pushers

That first photo after birth

Love in the eyes of a New Mom!  

That first picture after's everything!  This mom conquered labor in a Pretty Pushers 'I dream of Sushi' print delivery gown.  100% cotton, Made in the USA, what's not to love?

New Mom wears a Pretty Pushers delivery gown

Pregnancy Cravings

This Maternity Sale was meant to be

"So i decided to partake in the 15$ grab bag offer!! And i gotta say i am just loving the gown i got! As i unrolled it i knew that it was going to be "irregular". So i expected a gathered seam or small tear. Never in a million years did i expected a random sushi and saki print! Hahahahah my husband and i were in stitches!! Its so great. Irony of the print is, ive been CRAVING sushi and saki like no other!! More...

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Pretty Pushers customer reviews have a few things in common...

Words like "easy" "instant" "soft" and "cute" are repeated over and over by Pretty Pushers customers on Amazon.  These women knew the shortcomings of the hospital gown and decided to do something about it for their delivery day!

Delivery Gown review for Pretty Pushers

Birthing Gown review for Pretty Pushers

Labor Gown review for Pretty Pushers

Pretty Pushers customer reviews on Amazon