November 26, 2016


Support your local Businesses

It makes a difference to shop local!  We are so thankful to the retailers that support us.  By investing in Pretty Pushers, they are investing in the American economy.  #MadeintheUSA

Pretty Pushers proudly manufactures all products in the USA

November 25, 2016


Black Friday sale at Pretty Pushers

Why would you wear a used unisex hospital gown for birth when you can bring your own for under $30? Friday thru Monday get 20% off storewide at and get an EXTRA 15% discount with code #ownyourlabor at checkout! #blackfriday #pregnancy#blackfridaysale #laborgown #deliverygown #birth #ownyourlabor #maternity

And Free Shipping too!

October 30, 2016


Trending: Moms Demand Comfort during Birth

Grand Junction, CO has gotten in right.  As KJCT reported on Friday, Community Hospital and a nearby maternity store, Colorado Baby, are offering pregnant women something other than the scratchy unisex hospital gown for labor and delivery.

Pretty Pushers patient gown for hospital birth

September 19, 2016


Hiring a Doula

Awesome Doula with a red fan - I wish this was in our hospital bag! We have to repost everything this mom wrote on instagram - it's so true! Owning her labor in a green Pretty Pushers gown - Thank you Green Tara Birth andCarriage House Birth

Packing a doula in your hospital bag

"... Seen here, is my incredible doula @samhugg of @carriagehousebirth who was integral in helping us through the birth experience. She was able to help guide me through a challenging decision making process and keep me centered and focused during the most challenging moments. She also helped to keep a small NYC hospital room a warm, safe and sacred space for us and we were able to turn an unexpected birth scenario into a positive birth experience. This work is so important and so valuable. I'm honored to be doing this work, alongside such amazing women, to be a mama and a birth doula #hireadoula #birthdoula #positivebirthexperience #laboroflove#greenlaborgown #carriagehousebirth Photo by @oakjo "

August 31, 2016


Baby Cubby brags about Pretty Pushers

The Baby Cubby has obviously done their homework on the products they sell.  A retailer of Pretty Pushers labor gowns, this one stop shop for mom and baby in Lindon, UT wants their followers to understand why the collection of products they've curated are so great!

Visit them in store:

71 South 1380 West
Suite #2
Lindon, UT 84042

or Online:

August 24, 2016


Pretty Pushers CEO Mary Apple talks Parenting

Can being a parent prepare you for being a CEO?

Pretty Pushers CEO Mary Apple thinks so!  Learning treasured traits like patience and acceptance of one's flaws are among the list of items that Mary talks with about in this interview:

Pretty Pushers CEO talks parenting with

August 04, 2016


Patient Gowns created by Pretty Pushers are recognized in Healthcare Purchasing News

After enough hospitals asked for a Patient Gown, Pretty Pushers gave it to them!

Pretty Pushers has sold its boutique line of labor and delivery gowns to hospitals since 2010 - in gift shops, childbirth ed classes, and L&D ward tours.  It wasn't until 2015 that Pretty Pushers finally made the jump into the industrial-use Patient Gown market - after many nudges from hospital clients over the years.  Fabric sourcing, wash testing, and a different set of trade skills has proven to be quite an expensive endeavor, but Pretty Pushers is proud to finally say that we've got both bases covered.  

"Keeping the styles different enough that they don't cross-over is the key", says CEO Mary Apple regarding how they separate their markets.  Some moms prepare their hospital bag with items for themselves such as the Pretty Pushers labor gowns they find online or in boutiques.  Other moms still have a chance for an upgrade from the classic unisex ill-fitting hospital gown - if their chosen hospital has invested in Patient Gowns specific to women and labor and delivery, such as those that Pretty Pushers now offer.

"The hospital-grade patient gown of course still belongs to the hospital, so it won't be your own, but you'll be comfortable and covered - much more so than in the unisex frock."  

Healthcare Purchasing News published an article in this month's issue surrounding Patient Safetly, Comfort, and Compliance.  The Pretty Pushers patient gown made the list next to other smart efficient items for hospitals such as the Wayfinding app from Mobile Smith, patient tags from Centrak, Carewire's secure text messaging application, RxEob's health plan support, comfortable catheters (well, compared to the others) from PureWick, and patient convenience items from Cardinal Health.

patient gown style for labor and delivery released by Pretty Pushers in 2015

July 18, 2016


Exclusive color labor gown sale on Amazon

These are 2 of our favorite Pretty Pushers shades, and they are carried exclusively by 1 Amazon store!  This week only, July 18th - 24th, the Navy and Plum Labor and Delivery Gowns are discounted to $34.99 from $42.00!  Plus Sizes available!  Don't feel diminished in the ill-fitting unisex hospital gown - bring something that was designed with Birth in mind!

Pretty Pushers exclusive labor gown colors on Sale at

June 28, 2016


Labor and Delivery gown sale

'I Dream of Coffee' screen printed labor gowns on sale right now at

100% cotton halter neck labor gowns in plus size and one size - screen printed with steaming coffee mugs.  Ahh it just makes us crave caffeine.Labor and Delivery gown sale at


June 16, 2016


A visit to Karma Kids Yoga

Once a mainstay in the West Village, now the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan is lucky enough to house this prenatal/postnatal/baby/child yoga/education powerhouse - Karma Kids Yoga.

On our way home from the office we stopped in to say hello to Juliana Secches, the Prenatal Yoga Director of the studio.   An inviting front desk and retail area welcomed us, opposite a large sunlit studio with individual mats waiting for their next yogis to arrive.  

Everything in this studio is perfect for the niche of client it serves - from a Stroller Valet to colorful hand-painted wall art to the availability of 2 large bathrooms and a kitchen. 

"We have a lot of pregnant and postpartum clients who work in Chelsea," says Juliana, "They come during their lunch break or after work, but they don't necessarily live in the neighborhood or even in Manhattan."  In fact, both new and repeat clients include moms from New Jersey and Brooklyn who commute.  

And it's easy to see why!  The schedule at Karma Kids Yoga is jam-packed with useful programs like Yoga for pregnancy, Mom & Baby, Kids, and Teens.  Unique classes like American Girl Doll Yoga and Superhero Yoga stagger between music, story time, and even Family Yoga.  (Dads too, of course)  Private classes and birthday parties are also in the mix.  A second large studio equipped with Pilates accessories sits at the end of the hall to accommodate pre and post natal classes.  

Karma Kids studio for Prenatal and Postnatal Pilates

On top of extensive yoga backgrounds, a handful of the Karma Kids Yoga instructors are also doulas.  They teach Yoga for Labor and Childbirth Education Classes.   "How can you be empowered for something if you don't understand it?" says Secches, a doula herself.  She stresses the importance of expecting the unexpected in labor and trying to prepare in the best way we can through breathing and strengthening techniques.  In fact, the next workshop is on Saturday, June 18th!  12 lucky attendees will receive gift bags with goodies that include a Pretty Pushers labor gown.

 Best of all, Karma Kids Yoga is all about good Karma!  No need to stress a new mom out...the class packages (in packs of 5,10, or 20) never expire!  Owner and founder Shari Vilchez-Blatt has got a good thing going here.  Thanks for having us over, girls!







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