February 25, 2015


Hospital gowns are for patients.  Pretty Pushers labor and delivery gowns are for women giving birth.  Own Your Labor!

Pretty Pushers CEO Mary Apple gets grilled by Today's Leading Women

Today's Leading Women host Marie Berg digs deep for advice and lessons learned from women entrepreneurs in multiple industries.  

Some points from Mary Apple, CEO of Pretty Pushers :

Biggest personal struggle by far:  Work-Life Balance  

Remedy:  Embrace the disorganization and use it to your advantage

Common business hurdle:  Spending money!

Remedy:  Don't give any new expense too much of a chance...new employees, new advertising, new styles...only give them a few months and then say yay or nay.  

Most helpful book:  Never Be Late Again by Diana DeLonzor

Favorite business resource:  Hire a Quickbooks pro 

Woman Entrepreneur model:  Essie Weingarten, founder of Essie (nail polish)

Hear the entire interview:


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