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Maternity / Baby Stores

Maternity Stores are becoming ever well-rounded in their offerings in fashions for pregnant women. And now that many Maternity Stores are combining with the classic Baby/Children's Store, pregnant women are not only heading there to shop for themselves, but to build their Shower gift registries. Friends and relatives of the expectant mom will head to Maternity/Baby stores to find gift items large and small. 

Pretty Pushers display in maternity boutiques

By offering the Pretty Pushers product line geared toward birth, customers are happy to find something specifically for mom that isn't necessarily as personal (or expensive) as outerwear or breast-feeding gear. And since most Maternity-related retailers have pregnant displays on hand, they are already equipped to showcase a sample Pretty Pushers gown next to the packaged items.


Hospitals / Birthing Centers

99% of births in America take place in Hospitals.  The nursing staff knows as well as we do that the unisex hospital gown isn't exactly condusive to most women's shape or even for the purpose of medical procedures during labor.  Many have recognized that not only are women more comfortable in a Pretty Pushers labor gown, but that the procedures are easier when the woman is wearing something that allows for them.  (Electronic Fetal Monitors, Epidural).  A more comfortable experience for mom is a more comfortable experience for everyone!   Sold both during L&D ward tours such as at Orlando Health or in the gift shop such as Mom and Baby Boutique at Women's Hospital,  these hospitals are striving to offer something better to their pregnant clientele while finding a new stream of revenue. L&D Nurses applaud Pretty Pushers over the unisex hospital gown



Prenatal Massage is a growing gift for the mom-to-be.  Most spas have a retail area which offers beauty    and skincare products for mom to take home.  As their clients approach delivery day, Spas are doing them a service to include products specific to birth in their retail line-up, as well.  Maternal Massage and More, in the heart of the Soho neighborhood of Manhattan, is one such spa where pregnant women are leaving not only pampered, but prepared!


The spirit and encouragement of a Doula is sometimes the most important component of a woman's delivery experience.  Doulas from all over the country have come to Pretty Pushers with love and support of our mission to empower women during birth.  They want to spread the word to their clients that each birth is very personal, hence the woman is entitled to her OWN birth plan.  If you are a doula and would like to offer Pretty Pushers labor gowns as either a gift or for sale to your clients, click here
Doulas recommend Pretty Pushers birthing gowns for hospital delivery