Grab Bag Sale

Grab Bag Sale

Regular price $19

Labor Gown Sample Sale!  Pick your size and then wait to see what color arrives!

**Conditions Apply

• Perfect for birth and nursing
• 100% Cotton, Cotton-Poly, or Cotton-Spandex
• Allows for immediate skin-to-skin access 
• Frontal opening to allow for fetal monitors
• Back allows for epidural access if necessary

• Machine wash and dry

Made in the USA 

** Limit one Grab Bag item per customer

** Not all color choices shown above.  Colors are based on availability and will be randomly chosen.

** All Grab Bag items are labeled as slightly irregular.  They will likely contain a slight defect in either fabric or construction (i.e. small holes or fabric runs)

** No returns accepted on Grab Bag items

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