Look for Pretty Pushers on Prime Day!

Been wanting to pack your own gown for birth?  

Don't forget to check out Pretty Pushers on Amazon Prime Day - July 11th!  You'll be sure to find some great steals at a fraction of regular retail prices!  Why wear a Pretty Pusher instead of the hospital gown?

- You'll be covered during labor.  Even with fetal monitors and IVs in place, Pretty Pushers gowns are designed with openings in the right places, so you can still be covered where it counts if you decide to pace the halls or have visitors.

- It's made from soft, stretchy, 100% cotton jersey.  Unlike the worn, scratchy hospital gown

- Skin-to-Skin after birth is easy in a Pretty Pushers gown!  Just untie the halter, pull the crossover aside, or untie the shoulder - depending on the style.  


And of course not least - All Pretty Pushers gowns are MADE IN THE USA!!


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