November 13, 2013


Hospital gowns are for patients.  Pretty Pushers labor and delivery gowns are for women giving birth.  Own Your Labor!

In Her Own Time

Ever feel rushed? Like every day? Taking our time, doing it our way --that's how we want to live but it's not always how we actually live. Then we get to birth and everyone's staring at us, looking at our privates, scrutinizing us with clocks, rates and their own busy schedules. Everyone wants the baby now. Well, they can wait. In fact, they need to wait.



Patience is a virtue in the best of times, but it's priceless when dealing with our bodies in labor. Nature takes its time bringing us to full term. We should follow suit and take our time with the process of labor and delivery. 


Maybe it's home birth, maybe it's a hospital birth, no matter what it's your turn to do it exactly your way in exactly the time that your baby and your body feel is right. Sinking deep into that space, giving ourselves that time is critical to feeling good about the birth. We love our families. We can't wait to meet our babies, but giving ourselves that gift of time and spaciousness can make every birth better. So, let the world wait and be prepared for others to see your power, your moxie and your strength. 




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